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๐ŸŒ @bridge/globals

Utility module that allows custom components, custom commands and other extension types to access shared data inside of a globals.json file. View Source Code

import { ... } from '@bridge/globals'

The globals.json file

This file should always be named globals.json and must be located in the root of your project (alongside files such as the config.json). This file should simply contain the json data to be accessed by extension scripts, custom components, custom commands and more.

	"settings": {
		"a": true,
		"b": false
	"maximumLength": 164

Accessing globals.json data

In order to access the data in the globals.json file, you simply need to import the @bridge/globals module and this will contain an object representing the globals.json file.

Example (continuing from the example above):

import { settings, maximumLength } from '@bridge/globals'

console.log(settings.a) // true
console.log(settings.b) // false

console.log(maximumLength) // 164

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.