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bridge. powers some of the most advanced Minecraft Add-ons. Here are some of our favorites...

Thumbnail of Advanced Mining

Advanced Mining

Gamemode OneContent Creator
#economy #mining #advanced

Mine your heart out with AWESOME new machinery!

Thumbnail of Seaside Story

Seaside Story

Gamemode OneContent Creator
#ocean #fishing #relaxing

Live out your own peaceful ocean adventure!

Thumbnail of Planes


Cubed CreationsContent Creator
#flight #simulation #steampunk

Become a pilot and fly high in the sky!



Gamemode OneContent Creator
#adventure #dragons

This is Berk, home of Vikings and dragons!

Thumbnail of Ultimate Dragons

Ultimate Dragons

Gamemode OneContent Creator
#dragons #story #adventure

Breathe devastating fire from dragon-back and become a master of dragon flight with incredible precision and speed.

Thumbnail of Voidlands Dimensions

Voidlands Dimensions

Gamemode OneContent Creator
#skyblock #hardcore #survival

A skyblock like no other.

Thumbnail of Elemental Weapons

Elemental Weapons

Cubed CreationsContent Creator
#weapons #elemental

Craft new weapons in this elemental weapons expansion!

Thumbnail of DragonFire


Spectral StudiosContent Creator
#adventure #dragons

Become a master dragon trainer!

Thumbnail of Sci-Fi Weapons

Sci-Fi Weapons

Cubed CreationsContent Creator
#weapons #craftable #sci-fi

See which crafting recipe you need, collect all the required items and craft new weapons in this sci-fi weapons expansion!

Thumbnail of Minecraft: Sonic the Hedgehog

Minecraft: Sonic the Hedgehog

Gamemode OneContent Creator
#platformer #retro #racing

Sonic the Hedgehog races into Minecraft at supersonic speeds!

Thumbnail of PAC-MAN


Gamemode OneContent Creator

The legendary arcade classic PAC-MAN comes to Minecraft!

Thumbnail of Bloom


Gamemode OneContent Creator
#exploration #nature #flower #relaxing

Enter a tranquil forest and discover a garden long abandoned.



Gamemode OneContent Creator
#avatar #rpg #adventure

You are the Avatar, the embodiment of light and peace, now in Minecraft!

Thumbnail of DragonFire 2: Nations

DragonFire 2: Nations

Spectral StudiosContent Creator
#adventure #dragons

The next edition in the DragonFire series is here!

Thumbnail of Spellrune


Gamemode OneContent Creator
#magic #spells #adventure

Premiering the brand new Scripting API for Bedrock! Combine runes to craft powerful elemental spells!

Thumbnail of The Redstone Temple

The Redstone Temple

Gamemode OneContent Creator
#rtx #puzzle

Your world has crumbled. Lost in the endless expanse of sand and sun, the only place left is The Redstone Temple.

Thumbnail of Overpowered Wands

Overpowered Wands

Cubed CreationsContent Creator
#wands #craftable #magic

See which crafting recipe you need, collect all the required items and craft overpowered wands!

Thumbnail of FurniDeco


ArexonContent Creator
#furniture #decoration

FurniDeco adds 25 pieces of functional, decorative and unique-looking furniture that fit with the vanilla style.

Thumbnail of Frigid Elysium

Frigid Elysium

BradenContent Creator
#bridge-jam #winter-wonderland

Can you slay the Blight Beast and end this eternal winter before it ends you?

Thumbnail of The World Is Quite Literally Your Enemy

The World Is Quite Literally Your Enemy

McjiprockContent Creator
#bridge-jam #world-is-your-enemy

This addons makes your world quite a bit more alive and you quite a bit less alive.

Thumbnail of High and Dry

High and Dry

KekeCreationsContent Creator
#bridge-jam #world-is-your-enemy

You crash land on an arid planet, you do not remember who you are or anything from your past life. Now it is time to decide who you want to be on this new hostile world!

Thumbnail of Frost Fight

Frost Fight

MrDingerContent Creator
#bridge-jam #winter-wonderland

How long can you survive this winter wasteland with the harsh restrictions set upon you! Build, craft and mine your defenses to stop the horde of snowmen coming after you!

Thumbnail of Snowdown


DingselContent Creator
#bridge-jam #winter-wonderland

Snowdown is a PVE gamemode, where you have to fight against waves of enemies while protecting a house to uncover tiles of a town burried in snow.

Thumbnail of Blood Rot

Blood Rot

BradenContent Creator
#bridge-jam #world-is-your-enemy

Infect your world with the Blood Rot, a disgusting new biome that eats away at your world.

Thumbnail of The Corruption

The Corruption

DanRobzProbzContent Creator
#bridge-jam #world-is-your-enemy

The Corruption is spreading… Can you survive in this unique survival challenge where the world is against you?

Thumbnail of World Against

World Against

XxPoggyisLitxXContent Creator
#bridge-jam #world-is-your-enemy

You did some horrible things in The End which caused you to be moved to an alternate world where everything is trying to kill you as well as the universe.

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.