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Extension API

This is the documentation for bridge.'s Extension API. We are still working on bringing more and more capabilities to the API.


bridge. loads extensions per project. This means that every workspace can have an unique set of extensions. Extensions are a composition of JSON, JavaScript and Vue files. Publicly available extensions can be found here.

Getting Started

Navigate to the directory where bridge. stores your projects. Choose the project to which you want to add the extension to and navigate to the .bridge/extensions folder. You can also add extensions globally in the extensions folder of bridge.'s root directory.

Inside this directory, you can create a new folder per extension you want to add. Create a new JSON file in the root of your extension called manifest.json (.bridge/extensions/<EXTENSION NAME>/manifest.json).

Extension Manifest

The extension manifest stores important data on your add-on like its version number, the extension name etc. More information on the extension manifest can be found here.


Scripts are loaded from the <EXTENSION NAME>/scripts folder. Scripts are written in JavaScript and allow extensions to deeply hook into bridge.'s functionality. You can create new windows, add new tab types and lots more.

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.