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File Definitions


File definitions allow you to register new file types to bridge. File definitions are only loaded by JSON files located under <packageName>/fileDefinitions or <EXTENSION NAME>/fileDefinitions from an extension.


The following interfaces describe the JSON format of file definition files.

interface IFileType {
	type?: 'json' | 'text' | 'nbt'
	id: string
	icon?: string
	detect?: {
		scope?: string | string[]
		matcher?: string | string[]
		fileContent?: string[]
		fileExtensions?: string[]

	schema: string
	types: (string | [string, { targetVersion: [CompareOperator, string] }])[]
	packSpider: string
	lightningCache: string
	definitions: IDefinitions
	formatOnSaveCapable: boolean
	documentation?: {
		baseUrl: string
		supportsQuerying?: boolean // Default: true
	meta?: {
		commandsUseSlash?: boolean
	highlighterConfiguration?: {
		keywords?: string[]
		typeIdentifiers?: string[]
		variables?: string[]
		definitions?: string[]
interface IDefinitions {
	[key: string]: IDefinition | IDefinition[]
interface IDefinition {
	directReference?: boolean
	from: string
	match: string


The type of file that this file definition should define. This is used to help bridge. figure out how to load the file. Example: "type": "json"


The unique id of the file definition. Example: "id": "entity"


The Material Design Icon that should be associated with this file type. Example: "icon": "mdi-minecraft"


Properties for detecting this file.

  • scope - The folder scope of of the project that the file will be found in, e.g. "scope": "BP/entities/"
  • matcher - A single path or list of paths using glob patterns to match the more precise file location. e.g. "matcher": ["BP/entities/**/*.json", "BP/entities/*.json"]
  • fileContent - A top level property of the file that could be used to guess the file type of a file, e.g. "fileContent": ["minecraft:entity"]
  • fileExtensions - File extensions that this file can use. This is used to help guess the file type. E.g. "fileExtensions": [".mcstructure"]


This can define the path to a JSON schema to provide auto-completions and validation to the file. Example: "schema": "file:///data/packages/minecraftBedrock/schema/entity/main.json"


This can be used to define the path to a TypeScript declaration file for auto-completions and validation in JavaScript or TypeScript files. You can optionally specify a target version to filter the type declaration file. Example: "types": ["types/scriptingApi/common.d.ts","types/scriptingApi/client.d.ts"]


This can reference a pack spider definition file so this file type can be linked to others with PackSpider. Example: "packSpider": "entity.json"


This can reference a lightning cache definition file so data can be collected from this file type for use in schemas and other bridge. features.


This property is used to provide data to bridge.'s go to definition within JSON files. Example:

	"definitions": {
		"identifier": [
				"from": "clientEntity",
				"match": "identifier"
				"from": "spawnRule",
				"match": "identifier"
		"lootTablePath": {
			"directReference": true

In this example the "identifier" and "lootTablePath" are lightning cache keys from this file. "match" specifies a lightning cache key that this key should match and "from" specifies the file id to search for this key. "directReference" should be set to true when the value of the cache key is a direct file path to the definition file.


This should be set to true if the file is able to be automatically formatted by monaco when the file is saved. Example: "formatOnSaveCapable": false


  • "baseUrl" - Should be the base URL of the documentation of this file.
  • "supportsQuerying" - Whether the documentation supports querying specific strings.


	"documentation": {
		"baseUrl": ""


Additonal meta data for the file type.

  • commandsUseSlash - Whether inline commands in this file use a slash before them. If this is false, the slash will be removed automatically from commands written in the file.


	"meta": {
		"commandsUseSlash": true


This defines the syntax highlighter configuration for this file. And which strings should be colored with specific color names.


	"highlighterConfiguration": {
		"variables": [
		"typeIdentifiers": ["format_version", "event"],
		"definitions": [


Released under the GPL-3.0 License.