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๐Ÿ“ข Events

bridge.'s iframe API allows you to listen to certain events. To do so, you can use the on method on your Channel instance.

api.on('<event>', (data) => {
	// Do something with the data when the event is triggered

Tab Events


Triggered whenever the underlying iframe tab is used to open a specific file.

interface IOpenFilePayload {
	 * Path to the file. May be undefined, prefer using file reference when possible
	filePath?: string
	 * A reference to the underlying file. Can be used wherever a file path is expected
	fileReference: string
	 * Whether to open the file in a read-only mode
	isReadOnly: boolean

api.on('tab.openFile', (data: IOpenFilePayload) => {
	// Open file here

In order for the event to trigger, make sure to pass the openWithPayload option when creating your iframe tab.

const tab = new IframeTab(await getCurrentTabSystem(), {
    openWithPayload: {


More details on creating an iframe tab with the openWithPayload option can be found here.

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.