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🚀 Features

On this page we will go through some of the main features that bridge. has to offer.

Quick Project Setup

🏭 With bridge., setting up a Minecraft Bedrock project is as easy as filling a few inputs!

  • Create behavior packs, resource packs, skin packs and world templates quickly.
  • bridge. will create all files necessary for your packs to show in Minecraft, and additional files including a project config, to allow for compatibility with other tools.
  • If you link bridge. to your com.mojang folder, your projects will automatically sync to Minecraft.

screenshot showing the project creation window

🔒 bridge.'s project structure stores your projects outside of the com.mojang folder by default, where they are safer, easier to access and easier to collaborate with others on.

  • If you need to uninstall Minecraft, your projects will be safe and will not be deleted.
  • Our project structure can easily be used with GitHub to collaborate with other creators and version control your projects.
  • This project strucutre is also used by other tools, so your project will remain compatible with tools following this standard.

File Previews

⏯️ bridge. allows you to preview a variety of different files without having to load up Minecraft!

  • View any model in your project; textures and animations will automatically be found by bridge., for you to view.
  • Quickly see collision boxes of blocks and entities, and view entity seat positions to find the perfect positions.
  • Conveniently view particle effects.
  • File previews will rapidly update when you make changes in a related file.

screenshot of allay entity preview

🖼️ With entities, you are also able to generate Asset Previews which are useful to showcase an entity. Below you can see how this works.

screenshot showing asset preview window

output of the asset preview

Advanced File Creation

🧱 With bridge. presets, you can create complete features, such as entities, items and blocks, by filling a small form. Any feature of an Add-On can also be created as an individual file, with a scaffold of the file already there for you!

  • bridge. supports every file that Minecraft does so by using bridge. you will be able to utilize every Add-On feature.
  • The files that you can create are determined by the experimental toggles and target version that you have configured in your project config. This ensures you don't use features that you shouldn't be using.

screenshot of preset window

Powerful Compiler

⚡ bridge. ships with the Dash compiler built-in!

screenshot of the compiler window

Customizable Experience

⚙️ Inside of bridge.'s settings, you can truly customize your experience with the editor.

  • Change how bridge. looks with themes, dark and light mode toggling and font customization.
  • Switch between bridge.'s tree and text editors with ease and customize some of their behaviors, such as automatically opening tree nodes.
  • Modify which language bridge. should use. This only applies for languages that our amazing community have helped add. Want to add support for another language to bridge., let us know in our Discord!
  • Adjust the sidebar to work for you.

And lots more settings...

screenshot of the settings window

Extension Support

🧩 bridge. ships with a flexible extension API where you can add your own tools and features to bridge., or use an extension from our vast library of community made extensions.

  • bridge. has an extension store which makes it easy to find, download and update extensions that have been made and published by our community and developers.

Learn more about extensions here.

screenshot of the extension store

Auto-completions and validation

💡 Inside of both bridge.'s text editor and tree editor, you will recieve dynamic, up-to-date and accurate auto-completions to greatly assist your development experience and guide you through a file.

  • In our text editor, you will notice that your file is validated against our schemas and syntax errors will be pointed out to you!
  • In the background, bridge. scans your packs and caches important data, such as identifiers, tags, events and more, so they can conveniently be proposed to you in auto-completions.
  • You will only see auto-completions for features that you should be using; they will be filtered based on the format_version that you set in the file and the experimental toggles that are toggled in your project config.
  • When opening files from outside of bridge., it will intelligently guess what type of file you have opened and show you relevant auto-completions.

screenshot showing bridge.'s entity component auto-completions

screenshot showing inline command auto-completions

screenshot showing advanced file validation

Flexible Tab System

📑 Our tab system is designed to be flexible and supports many features that you'll be used to from typical code editors.

  • Tabs can be opened in split-screen mode to easily view two files at once. This is convienient for file previews, where the code can be viewed alongside the preview.
  • bridge. supports a variety of tab types with more to come. This includes, tabs that render 3d models, tabs that display code in a custom editor, such as the tree editor, and more.
  • By default, tabs will be temporary when opened initially; editing them or double clicking the tab will make them persistent. This helps keep your screen less cluttered with tabs.

screenshot of the tab system in split screen mode

Global Find and Replace System

🔎 Ever needed to change the identifier of an item across your entire project, or just see where you have referenced some block? Well bridge. comes with a global find and replace system, similar to VSCode, where you can find any text in your project almost instantly.

  • Search by string or Regex, it is up to you!
  • Replacing supports Regex capture groups, as you would expect.

screenshot showing the find and replace tab

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.