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💬 Community

You can find bridge. and its community on the following platforms.


Reporting Issues

Even though we work hard to ensure that bridge. is stable and bug-free, we cannot catch all issues before they roll out to our users. If you run into an issue, please...

  1. Search for it on our bug tracker to ensure it was not already reported.
  2. Then open a new issue for it on our bug tracker.

Please follow the bug report template so we can work on your issue as efficiently as possible and fix it in a timely manner. Describing a way to reproduce the issue you are experiencing is especially important.

Requesting Features

If you want to request a feature to get added to bridge., please follow the same steps described under Reporting Issues.


The bridge. team is grateful for any contributions you make to the various projects we work on. Please don't hesitate reaching out to us on any of the platforms listed above to discuss your ideas and/or suggestions for improving bridge. or if you simply need help making your first contribution.

Contributing to bridge. can be as "easy" as helping us improve our documentation by editing Markdown files, editing our editor data which mostly consists of JSON or creating a new extension. You do not need to work on the core editor and its related libraries to make valuable contributions to our projects.

Other Resources

More useful links can be found here.

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.