• Updated data to latest Minecraft preview
  • Local extension installations now properly overwrite global installations (#434)


  • Enabled close button for asset preview window (#424)
  • Automatically add new "formatVersionCorrection" plugin to old projects (#422)
  • Updated texture set file highlighter
  • Improved schema validation with "require" field
  • Added "format_version" property to default sound definitions file (#435; Thanks to @Chikorita-Lover)
  • Updated simple file names and descriptions (bridge-core/editor-packages#20; Thanks to @Chikorita-Lover)
  • Updated "randomize" event response (bridge-core/editor-packages#18; Thanks to @Chikorita-Lover)
  • Updated "behavior.knockback_roar" (bridge-core/editor-packages#19; Thanks to @Chikorita-Lover)


  • Fixed error upon opening project chooser
  • Fixed particle texture path go to definition
  • Fixed some format versions breaking items
  • Fixed bridge. no longer properly working on Opera (#426)
  • Fixed presets not properly reloading upon switching projects (#432)