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Custom MoLang

Custom MoLang allows you to write MoLang functions that can be used across an entire project wherever MoLang is valid.


To get started, open the preset window and select the Molang tab, enter the file name and click "Create". Outside of bridge., you can create a .molang file in the BP/molang directory.

Inside of this file, you can define functions like this:

function('sq', 'base', {
    return math.pow(arg.base, 3);

This first argument of function() should be the function name and any other arguments are function arguments which can be accessing within the function with arg.<argName>.


Using custom MoLang functions is as simple as writing f.funcName('arg1', 'arg2') where MoLang is valid. This example would then replace the function with arg1 and arg2 input into the funcName function.

Released under the GPL-3.0 License.